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  • Viral Patadiya

    Viral Patadiya - 2008-12-09


    I have installed OpenQRM on a fresh box. Before configuring anything  I am trying to add an AoE server with one physical disk populated over Ethernet.

    I am following below steps :

    1. Add the AoE server to Resources by giving its Mac-address and IP Address.

    It adds the Server to the resource but with a Yellow button as a status. (Which indicates it is not added properly, I guess)

    After going to plugins --> Aoe-Storage --> Shelfs when I tried to add AoE shelf, it does not add the shelf and the event list
    shows below errors

    Connection refused (111)


    Could not send the command to resource <resource_ip>

    I have stopped Iptables on the AoE server and also the hosts.allow allows cinnections from all the hosts.

    Please help


    Viral Patadiya

    • Matt

      Matt - 2008-12-09

      Hi Viral,

      please integrate your aoe-server via the "local-server" plugin.
      This will start the openqrm-agents on it which then will answer the shelf-requests.

      greetz + enjoy,


    • Viral Patadiya

      Viral Patadiya - 2008-12-10

      We have a data server which has disks exported using AOE (using vbalde).

      We want to import this storage into openqrm.

      Currently when we try to add as AOE storage, it create an image file of that size into the /coraid/ directory whereas we want it to export the block device (disk or partition).

      How can we achieve the same?

      Even the above is not working fine, it creates and says submitting luns to openqrm but it never appears in the shelf.

      • Matt

        Matt - 2008-12-10

        Hi Viral,

        ok here we go :
        - enable and start the aoe-plugin and the local-server plugin (at least)
        - use the local-server plugin to integrate your Aoe-server system into openQRM  (the about-page explains how)
          This integration will give you :
           - a new resource, the one of your Aoe-server
           - a new kernel (dummy kernel representing the kernel on the local-resource)
           - a new image (dummy image representing the kernel on the local-resource)
           - a new appliance for your Aoe-server
        - Now create a new storage-server using the resource of the Aoe-server

        Now you can mange your Aoe server via the Aoe-plugin manager.

        If you still have trouble with after these steps please make sure that the firewall, selinux (and eventually appamor) is disabled on openQRM and the Aoe-server system. If something goes wrong you will find logs at /var/log/messages on the openQRM-server and when it runs commands which are reaching the Aoe-server you will find infos about it at the same place on the Aoe-server.

        btw: I would like to recommend the lvm-storage plugin which also can manage Aoe/vblade server but with an underlaying lvm. This gives you the capability of doing snapshots which can be used for rapid deployment.

        many thanks + hope it helps,



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