Ports used in openQRM environment

  • Mahesh Kunjal

    Mahesh Kunjal - 2006-01-18

    Listed below are the information on the port requirements. Feel free to update it...

    openQRM agents send monitoring messages(events) from the nodes to the server (with HTTP, on ports 80 / 8080) and the server sends control messages to the nodes (on port 1687, configured in qrm.ini)

    If you want to use the dhcpd plugin (which sets up a DHCP server on the openQRM server), ensure that DHCP requests from the nodes (done during PXE boot) reach the openQRM server.

    Nodes talk to TFTP server(UDP ports: 69 for TFTP, 68 for BOOTP) to get the files related to PXE boot

    For the implementation with NFS, nodes need to talk to NFS server(ports:2049 for nfs, 111 for portmap). In addition NFS server will listen on MOUNTD and LOCKD ports which by default is dynamic. Everytime the NFS server is restarted, MOUNTD and LOCKD ports the server listens on changes. To make this static,
    * Create the file /etc/sysconfig/nfs with the contents:
    * Restart the NFS server.

    These steps are for Red Hat systems.


    • Matt

      Matt - 2006-01-18

      Additional to that nodes using Iscsi-filesystem-images are talking to the Iscsi-target on port 3260/tcp.



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