Several erros in Events when installing and starting plugins

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2014-01-25


    I have installed openQRM 5.1 on a greengras Debian 7.3 server.
    MySQL is configured to store all database related files in /home/local/mysql.
    openQRM is configured to use collation "utf8_general_ci".

    Now, I'm trying to install multiple plugins as documented in guide "Virtualization with KVM and openQRM 5.1 on Debian Wheezy" (

    For some plugins an error message is listed in Events:
    error 2014/01/25 11:49:58 nagios3-action Un-Authorized access to nagios3-actions from
    error 2014/01/25 11:49:43 resource-action Un-Authorized access to resource-actions from
    error 2014/01/25 11:49:43 image-action Un-Authorized access to image-actions from
    error 2014/01/25 11:49:22 linuxcoe-action Un-Authorized access to linuxcoe-actions from
    error 2014/01/25 11:24:00 kernel-action Un-Authorized access to kernel-actions from

    How can I troubleshoot this issue?


  • Alexander Kuballa

    Hi Thomas,

    the first error is thrown by /plugins/nagios3/web/nagios3-action.php line 44 because your are not in the addministrators group? This might be problem because of changing the collation - but it is strange. Please try to login with the openqrm user - should be administrator :). If the problem is still there, you can find the value in role_info table (administrator) - please try to retype it - might solve the problem - if not try to use your db backup or run "make update" from your svn repository.

    Troubleshooting - normally - is quite easy because we write almost everything to syslog - /var/log/syslog.

    Hope it helps


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