Matt - 2012-08-02

openQRM 5.0 comes with a completely reengineered user interface

The new openQRM has been rewritten for the fifth time since the creation of the software and it has changed not only in appearance. Aside from the readjustment of the graphic user interface to the model-view controller concept all the openQRM plugins have been rewritten and expanded to include new functions. In addition, a completely new Cloud portal is now available as well as another Postgres back-end database to accompany MySQL.

In order to meet the requirements of a multi-lingual management platform, openQRM has now been expanded to support multiple languages. OpenQRM 5.0 supports German and English as default languages. The Cloud portal additionally supports Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian.

For a better overview and improved transparency of the actions that the system is currently performing in the background, the openQRM 5.0 has a status display for "Active Events", which the user can view at any time.

In addition to the web-based user interface, the openQRM 5.0 now also offers the user a command-line client, with which the management platform can be controlled within a terminal session or integrated into other applications. All other revisions are to be found in the Change log for openQRM 5.0.

Besides those groundbreaking technical improvements, this release introduces a dual-licensing model. openQRM is now available in two editions:

The openQRM Community Edition is a fully open-source project licensed under the GPLv2, hosted on To provide a sustainable evolution of our core product, openQRM Enterprise GmbH offers a commercially licensed version (the "Enterprise Edition") to professional customers, while at the same time being committed to merge the development effort with the open-source version at official releases. The current stable version of the openQRM Community Edition is always available at

Please check the new designed openQRM Community Page at

openQRM Enterprise Edition is the commercially backed product for professional users. If you are building professional datacenter platforms using openQRM and need reliable support options or access to the "latest and greatest" additional features, this is your product.

Please find more informations about the openQRM Enterprise Edition at

Further information about the Community and Enterprise editions and their differences can be found in our Edition Comparison Matrix at

Read the full release notes in our news section at

We hope you enjoy the major improvements and new features in openQRM 5.0!

Matt Rechenburg
Project Manager openQRM / CEO openQRM Enterprise GmbH