Matt - 2013-08-13

You are thinking about how to combine your internal IT with Public- and/or private Cloud resources such as Amazon EC2 or Eucalyptus?
Then this new howto about 'Automated Amazon EC2 Cloud deployments with openQRM 5.1 on Debian Wheezy' is exactly made for you!

A detailed openQRM Use-Case with focus on Amazon EC2 Public Cloud

In a series of a whole set of openQRM Howtos for the new openQRM 5.1 version this documentation is follow-up of the previous howto about 'Install openQRM 5.1 on Debian Wheezy' - - and 'Virtualization with KVM and openQRM 5.1 on Debian Wheezy' - With every howto we are going to add more features and functionalities to the openQRM server. This sequence will allow us to show you in detail how to setup, manage, automate and to overcloud a complete IT Infrastructure.

This specific howto is about how to manage Public- and Hybrid Cloud deployments with openQRM. As the deployment manager for Amazon EC2 and its API compatible derivatives (e.g Eucalyptus) openQRM is capable to fully automate Instance provisioning and to add additional value by attaching automated application deployment via Puppet, automated monitoring via Nagios and also highavailability on Infrastructure-Level to the providers cloud features. The whole workflow of Instance-deployment in openQRM is exactly the same as for local resources in the internal IT-environment.

The howto 'Automated Amazon EC2 Cloud deployments with openQRM 5.1 on Debian Wheezy' is available at

As usual we also added it to the howto section in the openQRM Community Resource page at

I hope you enjoy this new howto!

Matt Rechenburg
Project Manager openQRM

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