Matt - 2008-06-15

Major re-write of openQRM / porting it to PHP

We (the openQRM Team) are happy to announce a major re-write of openQRM !
The great feedback we got from the community over the last 2 years helped
us to now implement all those feature requests and suggestions how to get better.

This major re-write focus on the following design specifications :

- KIS (keep it simple)
- run everywhere (support for every linux distribution, especially Debian+Ubuntu)
- clean up (remove all not needed code)
- reduce code base (less code = less bugs)
- using existing components (instead of providing own binaries/libs)
- better packaging and dependencies
- enabling/disabling plugins via the GUI
- support for multiple databases (DB2, Mysql, Oracle, Postgres)
- porting from java to PHP
- focus on rapid-, appliance-based deployment, virtualization- and storage-management
- ease-up installation
- ... and some more

This 4.0 (beta) release is the first and initial release of the "next generation" of openQRM.
Please notice that this is still a beta version which is based on the last months work and
effort of the openQRM-community developer-team.

Especially we would like you to give credits to :

- Alexander Kuballa, our Front-end GUI- and Web-designer who designed and developed the powerful
  html/php-framework which provides all the nice views and tables in the user-interface.
  Big thanks to him for the many fruitful discussions about the plugg-able php-architecture
  which now makes it more than easy to e.g. create new plugins for openQRM.

- Thomas Halinka (Customsol) for development of the nagios-plugin, providing masses
  of useful feedback and for sponsoring the openQRM project by hosting its wiki.

- Philipp Wagner for providing many fixes/enhancements to the build-system and testing
  specially on the Suse/openSuse distribution

- Tom Degroote, who did a lot of testing and bug-reporting

- Last but not least thanks to Kris Buytaert who helped to sharpen the ideas and design
  for this new openQRM version.

Because of all the difficulties to get the "old" openQRM versions working on Debian/Ubuntu
systems we now selected Debian/Ubuntu as our major development distribution for the
"next-generation" of openQRM. Anyway one of the new versions goals is to make it working fine
on every (mainstream) linux-distribution (all Redhat-, Suse-, and Debian-based distbributions).
Please notice that for this beta-version all plugins should work out-of-the-box on Debian/Ubuntu
systems while some of them may not be fully implemented for Redhat- or Suse-systems.

We have tested the following distributions :
- Ubuntu 7.10 + 8.04
- Debian Etch (32 + 64bit)
- Centos 5.1
- openSuse 10.3
We have also tested openQRM 4.0 with the following databases :
- Mysql
- Oracle
- DB2
- Postgres

We hope you will like it :)

Enjoy + do not hesitate to join us

Matt Rechenburg
(Project Manager of openQRM)