Matt - 2010-10-02

This new release of openQRM version 4.7 comes again with lots of functional enhancements such as :

    * A profile-based deployment for the openQRM Cloud providing a user-friendly provisioning via the Visual-Infrastructure-Designer.
    * Huge performance and scalability enhancements especially for the openQRM Cloud
    * A Cloud-auto-scaling mode which integrates with the new out-of-band management plug-ins to automatically scale physical server of the Cloud up and down according to the actual utilization of the Cloud. This feature automatically powers-on and powers-off Cloud-Hosts to reduce the overall power-consumption.
    * Lots of enhancements for highavailability plug-in which now supports to auto-create virtual machines and even to automatically power-on a Host for fail-over. This means that all physical "hot-standby's" can be set to power-off to again reduce the power-consumption. The highavailability plug-in automatically powers-on the "hot-standby" in case of a fail-over situation. Also it is now able to "fence" (STONITH) resources in error state. For physical systems the fence-action is hooked and implemented by the out-of-band management plugins, virtual resources are fenced directly on their Host system.
    * CloudResourcePools are now available in the openQRM Cloud allowing the Cloud-Admin to dedicate specific systems to specific CloudUserGroups. Additonal there is a new configuration option for setting the Host-Limits (the number of VMs) per resource.
    * A new wakeuponlan plug-in provides a simple integration with the Wake-up-on-Lan (WOL) out-of-band management technology allowing to automatically power-on physical systems when needed e.g. for auto-scale-up.
    * lxc containers, a lightweight, container-based virtualization solution similar to openvz we have now integrated into openQRM and the openQRM Cloud. Many thanks to the lxc project team for their great work !
    * An initial VirtualBox plug-in
    * The capability for "in Memory" deployment via a new tempfs-storage plug-in.
    * A seamless and transparent update method for the openQRM server. It is very easy, robust and automatic to update openQRM now.

One of the new "eye-candy's" is of course the Visual-Infrastructure-Designer (VID) providing a graphical tool for the Cloud-Users to manage their server-farms. Similar to the Visual-Cloud-Designer it allows simple, profile-based deployment of Cloud-Appliances via Drag-and-Drop.

Please find the teaser video for the openQRM 4.7 release at :

There are many more updates, new features and enhancements in this new release. For more details please refer to the detailed changelog below.

The new openQRM 4.7 release is now available for download at
Also the projects subversion repository got updated with the 4.7 release code.

Here the direct link to the detailed (and HUGE) Changelog for this release :…

Our Package-Manager Thomas Halinka is on compiling pre-built packages for this release which will be then added to the file-section.

Many thanks to all contributors of openQRM ! Your work makes openQRM possible !
Special thanks for their ongoing contribution and effort is going to Thomas Halinka, Gerben Meijer and Alexander Kuballa. Also a big thanks to all of our sponsors ! In particular thanks to our main sponsor openQRM Enterprise for their huge code- and development contribution.

Enjoy !

Matt Rechenburg

Project Manager openQRM, on behalf of the openQRM Team