ESXi 5.0 and ESX 4.1cannot be added

  • Maniax

    Maniax - 2012-11-08


    I have installed the latest openQRM 5 from sources on a ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64 vm, and i followed the tutorial from Setup_your_own_openQRM_Cloud_on_Ubuntu_Lucid_Lynx.10052010.pdf. I also added an external ubuntu storage NFS as a physical appliance. I set up password-less loggin betwen openQRM host and my esx hosts. I try to run the command to add a new esx server and i found it impossible to add any type of esx host.

    OS : Ubuntu Lucid Lynx | openQRM 5 | VMWare Perl SDK installed ;
                                               | password-less ssh logging set from openQRM to esx hosts
              ESXi5 host             |datastore1
             default install          |VM Network

    Setup : openQRM server   IP
                  storage NFS           IP
                  esxi5                         IP

    1. * On openQRM host I ran : ssh ls | I get the list of directories on the esxi5 machine
    2. * Now try to integrate the ESX server by running the following command :
           /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx init -i

    Result : 

    vmware-esx plug-in parameter-check : Wrong usage, VM name missing!
    vmware-esx plug-in Usage : /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx configure <-i esx-server-ip> <-eu esx-server-username> <-ep esx-server-password> <-eh esx-server-hostname> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx start/stop/reboot/remove/list <-i esx-server-ip> <-n vm-name> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx create/update <-i esx-server-ip> <-n vm-name> <-m mac-address> <-l datastore>       :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx post_host_statistics <-i esx-server-ip> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx post_vm_list <-i esx-server-ip> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx post_vm_config <-i esx-server-ip> <-n vm-name> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx setboot <-m mac-address> <-b local/net> <-i esx-server-ip> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx setboot_by_name <-n vm-name> <-b local/net/cd/iso> <-i esx-server-ip> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx fence <-m mac-address> <-i esx-server-ip> :
    vmware-esx plug-in         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx host_shutdown/host_reboot <-i esx-server-ip> :

    3. Now try to integrate the ESX server by running the following command :
         /usr/share/openqrm/plugins/vmware-esx/bin/openqrm-vmware-esx configure -i -eu root -ep password -eh esxi5

    Result :

    vmware-esx plug-in Creating configuration for VMware ESX Host :
    vmware-esx plug-in vmware_esx_lock : Aquired the lock
    vmware-esx plug-in vmware_esx_lock : Released the lock

    >>>>> and no host or datastore is added ;

    Other details :

    openqrm-plugin-vmware-esx.conf file content :

    # This source code is released under the GNU General Public License version 2, unless otherwise agreed with openQRM Enterprise GmbH.
    # The latest version of this license can be found here: src/doc/LICENSE.txt
    # By using this software, you acknowledge having read this license and agree to be bound thereby.
    # Copyright 2012, openQRM Enterprise GmbH <>


    # Those items setting up the dependencies for the package
    if ; then
            OPENQRM_PLUGIN_DEPENDENCIES="openqrm-server, screen, nmap"
    elif ; then
            OPENQRM_PLUGIN_DEPENDENCIES="openqrm-server, screen, nmap"
    elif ; then
            OPENQRM_PLUGIN_DEPENDENCIES="openqrm-server, screen"

    OPENQRM_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION="Integrates the <a href='' target='_BLANK'>VMware-ESX</a> Virtualization Technology (network-deployment)."
    # openQRM plugin-dependencies - the following plugins must be enabled
    OPENQRM_PLUGIN_PLUGIN_DEPENDENCIES="dhcpd, tftpd, local-server"

    # the VMware perl sdk directory

    # the cloud datastore is used by openQRM Cloud to automatically
    # create VMs via the Cloud interface

    # required parameter to set the internal VMware bridge
    # by default openQRM will use the internal bridge for the virtual
    # network-interface routed to the management/openQRM network on the VMware vms.

    # required parameter to set the external VMware bridge
    # by default openQRM will use external bridges for the virtual
    # network-interface(s) routed to the public network (internet) on the VMware vms

    # parameter for the openQRM Cloud to automatically create VMs

    # the default nic for cloud VMs

    # files which should be taken to the state backup

  • Bedrich

    Bedrich - 2012-11-09

    Hi emanuil,

    first enable a start the vmware-esx plugin. Next step go to Plugins -> Virtualization -> VMware ESX -> Discovery and click on "rescan". It should appear your ESXi Select it and click "add".
    If the error occurs login and password, and you know you have them properly is an error in the installation of VMware Perl SDK.

    have a nice day


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