Split hypervisors and storage ressources

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-12-17


    First of all, excuse my poor english.

    I have two seperate networks for data and openqrm managment.
    I plugged some servers running kvm on these networks.
    I want to split storage ressources (by using lvm nfs) and hypervisor ressources.

    But the kvm server is a local-server ressource. So I registered it on the managment network.
    And when I create a new storage, nfs listen on the managment interface (and not data network).

    I there a way to specify what ip adress must be used for the storage part ?


  • Matt

    Matt - 2011-02-08

    Hi Nicolas,

    you can specifiy the interface to use when you integrate the storage via the local-server plugin.
    Depending on which interface you select it will have a different ip.

    many thanks + have a nice day,

    Matt Rechenburg
    Project Manager openQRM


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