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SPREAD toolkit for QNX6

The SPREAD toolkit is now available for QNX6.2.0 ate

Posted by Armin 2003-04-04

Visualisation widgets for Qt 2.3.2 / QNX6

Two sets of visualisation widgets and Qt 2.3.2 have been uploaded to 'openqnx'.
The small WEB browser "Dillo' is include as reader for HTML doc files ...

Posted by Armin 2002-03-31

XFree86 4.2 for QNX4 released!

I just released XFree86 4.2 for QNX4.x onto openqnx site.
This binary includes all the post 4.2 fixes, like zlib security fix.

This release requires TCPIP5 because of the Unix domain socket supports.

To install, download "xf-4.2-bin-qnx4.tar.gz"
su -
/etc/install -u /whatever/directory/xf-4.2-bin-qnx4.tar.gz
this should install XFree86 4.2 in your /usr/X11R6 and /etc/X11... read more

Posted by Frank Liu 2002-03-26

XFree86 4.2 for QNX6 Released

Thanks everybody who tested the new XFree86 4.2. I decide to
release the final binary to the openqnx site.

This binary includes all the post 4.2 fixes, most importantly,
the zlib security problem as mentioned:
(I don't know Xphoton well, maybe QSSL should issue an update
due to the zlib problem).... read more

Posted by Frank Liu 2002-03-25

Qt3 for QNX6

From: "Jorgensen, Jens H":

I have uploaded Qt3-qnx.tar.z. The contents is
based on work by Sergey V. Sobolev and myself.

There is a README file in the tar.z file which describes how to compile
qt-x11-free-3.0.2.tar.z with static QT libraries. I am going to continue
to work on getting things like support for shared libraries up and

Questions should be directlly to the openqnx mailing list.

Posted by Frank Liu 2002-03-24


The graphical console for QNX6 based PVM 3.4.4 clusters is now available
Have fun :)

Armin Steinhoff

Posted by Armin 2002-01-20

OpenSSH 3.0.2p1 for QNX6.1

OpenSSH 3.0.2p1 is now available for QNX6.1, together a with a example configuration for

Posted by Armin 2002-01-17

PVM 3.4.4 for QNX6: new rshd added to the package

A rsh daemon is now included in the PVM 3.4.4 package for QNX6 ... it is now possible
to use rsh for the PVM console.


Posted by Armin 2002-01-13

PVM 3.4.4 available for QNX6 and QNX4

The newest release of PVM is now available for QNX4 and QNX6 .. it is a great foundation for transparent interprocess communication and compatibility at source code level !!

Armin Steinhoff

Posted by Armin 2001-12-02

XFree86 4.1.0 Ported to QNX6

After weeks of work, the latest version of XFree86 (4.1.0) has finally been ported to QNX RTP 6.1. Compared to the old 3.3.6 port, this port adds the support for all the mice device that are supported by Photon, it also supports the dynamic loading of different server modules. Of course, you will also enjoy all the enhancement/bugfixes from 3.3.6 to 4.1.0 as shown at XFree86 website Give it a try and you will like it. Questions should be directed to the mailing list

Posted by Frank Liu 2001-10-17

re-compiling (2) of XFree86 for QNX 6.1

the file must be extended:

add to the common part:
#define YaccCmd bison

to the i386 section
#define LexLib -lfl
#define ExtraLoadLib -lfl

Posted by Armin 2001-08-14

XFree86 binaries for QNX6 released

XFree86 binaries are now for QNX6 released.
They are available at:

Posted by Armin 2001-04-21


A port ofXFree86 3.3.6 is now available for QNX 6 at the sourceforge project openqnx.

Armin Steinhoff

Posted by Armin 2001-04-19

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