#16 Working Calandar dates intermittent

Dean Haase

I un-covered a situation where we are opening a Microsoft Project MPP file, and the holidays (non-working days) are not read in. (I am assuming that the calandar data is read in from the Microsoft .MPP file.)

Steps to Reproduce:
1.) Create a new project in Microsoft Project 2007
2.) Enter three serial tasks starting today 1-31-2012
3.) Save the project to disk
4.) Open the project with OpenProj
5.) Verify dates reported in OpenProj match those in Microsoft Project
----------------------------- SO FAR TO HERE WE ARE OK -----------------------------------------------
6.) With the test project still open in Microsoft Project 2007, change the entire duration of Task 2 to be non-working time (essentially vacation or holiday). Do this from the Tools->Change Working Time menu.
7.) Save the project in Microsoft Project to disk
8.) Open the project with OpenProj
9.) Verify dates reported in OpenProj match those in Microsoft Project (At this point you will see that in Microsoft Project Task 2 has been pushed out by one week, and thus also Task 3. However, in OpenProj, you will notice the dates are un-changed. (I CAN add/duplicate the same holiday/vacation information into OpenProj by Tools->Change Working Calandar and the dates DO update correctly.)

What I have noticed is that selecting the working calandar seems to be intermittent, if I select it and set dates once the MPP file has been opened. Can anyone tell me where the selected calandar and data is stored so I can watch the data to further debug? I have watched files in the file system and it does not appear to be there. Registry??


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