#2 ProjectLibre beta releasing tomorrow


The [url=http://www.projectlibre.org]ProjectLIbre [/url]team is very happy to announce the beta version will be available for download on Thursday. We do need your help in promoting the availability! There are many updates that have occurred over the past several months. Our initial goal with ProjectLibre was to concentrate on a replacement of Microsoft Project Server. However, the years of inactivity with OpenProj cause our rethinking of that strategy. We ultimately decided to bite the bullet and have a new release called ProjectLibre. It was important to get the desktop project management replacement of Microsoft Project working first..... In most areas ProjectLibre is a complete rewrite, in the future it may be completely rewritten.

We will send out a note on Thursday afternoon alerting everyone to the release. Your feedback is appreciated! We also are pleased people are signing up for the Global User Group. This is the central correspondence but you can also join regional communities. We will be announcing specific information for your regional groups as well. Your assistance in promoting the pending release are also very important. The ProjectLibre beta is a major improvement including:
Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010

* New Ribbon User Interface
* Printing feature
* Major bug fixes and more

This is a screen shot of the new ProjectLIbre Gantt Chart. It is important to note the ribbon user interface is related to what you are working on.... a major improvement for usability over the current release.


Here is one more screen shot showing the ProjectLibre Network Diagram (I still like PERT Chart) Once again, the ribbon user interface is changeable based on your work.


Once again, it has been a long haul but we are excited with the pending release! One other note, we have received a nice outpouring of support from the community. We have translation updates for Spanish, French, Russian. We have also had creative support for our logo and other areas. The assistance is really appreciated! Please send your feedback and stay active.


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