Star Office now includes OpenProj in Europe

OpenProj is now being included in Star Office boxes in twelve European countries. The addition of OpenProj is important as Star Office competes with Microsoft Office and others in the desktop Office marketplace.

OpenProj is a complete replacement of Microsoft Project which is installed on 7% of all Office desktops. This has been a major competitive advantage until the release of OpenProj which is free and available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows. This is significant as Project retails for $999 and is installed on 7% of all Office desktops. The OpenProj solution has been downloaded more than 400,000 times in over 142 countries. A recent InfoWorld review noted "OpenProj performs all the essential tasks you'd do with a desktop project management application. That, and cross-platform availability, would justify Projity charging even a portion of Microsoft Project's $999 price tag. But with OpenProj's free access, it's just one more compelling case for going open source on the desktop."

OpenProj's inclusion with Star Office is important validation as the leading open source project management solution.

Star Office box with Projity

Posted by OpenProj 2008-04-22

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