Missing parts of OpenProj 1.4

Ken Russ
  • Ken Russ

    Ken Russ - 2008-12-28

    I have downloaded the program a couple of times now. When I read the help file to change working hours etc it states I have to log into POD. I notice in the help file the dialog box they are talking about has 3 buttons. My program on my machine only has two, New or Open.
    Am I missing something or do I have to do this online somehow?

    • Ken Russ

      Ken Russ - 2008-12-28

      Sorry I forgot to mention I am using XP and Vista Ultimate

    • JESii

      JESii - 2008-12-28

      The problem is that the help for OpenProj and Serena's 'for fee' system is co-mingled (probably in the hopes of getting you to buy POD).

      To get to the OpenProj help, click on the OpenProj image when you see the first help page... this will take you to http://openproj.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page which is the starting point. Then click on "English Documentation", then click on "Getting started with OpenProj" which takes you to http://openproj.org/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_with_OpenProj.

      I've had to search the OpenProj wiki to find all the information that is available, which is rather limited... they really seem to be focused on the POD product and (my guess) bought OpenProj for some of the technology and to take it off the market as much as they could.



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