2D graphics of OpenProj awfully slow

  • Frank Knappe

    Frank Knappe - 2009-01-11


    I've just installed OpenProj on my T60 notebook and wanted to play a little bit with it. However in the current status it is not usable for me. The program starts quickly, I see the Tip of the day, I select new project and type the project inormation. Ni complaints so far. If I then press okay, no refeshing of the OpenProj window happens for the next approx 1min. Similar waiting periods also happen, when I enter new tasks. During this waiting period the full 2D graphics response of the whole laptop is very slow. I ran the Maltlab benchmark test during such a period and whereas the CPU tasks were done quickly as always the 2D test was approx 100x slower. As soon as OpenProj is responding again, all programs are also returing to their normal speed.

    The system is a T60 with Dualcore 1.83GHz, 2GB RAM, XP with SP2 and corresponding patches and the latest version of Java.

    What is the reason for my problem?

    • peter312

      peter312 - 2009-02-03


      maybe the problem is the latest version of java!
      See my thread fom today (3.Februar2009)

      Use an older version of java - on my systems the version 1.6.0_07-b06
      works very fast with openproj.



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