xml incompatibility with MS Project 7

  • Mark Carter

    Mark Carter - 2008-12-31

    I am experiencing issues trying to open an xml, generated by OpenProj 1.4 on Vista, with MS Project 7.  At first glance all seems well in MS Project 7, but on closer inspection, I am unable to change several settings in MS Project 7, and many calculations are left undone.  I cannot seem to repair these problems from within MS Project 7.

    Example 1:  I cannot get Project 7 to convert work assignments to percentage units; it insists on decimal hours no matter what I choose.  They are shown in percentages in the original pod file.

    Example 2:  I cannot get Project to update the Work column (it always shows 0) despite the fact that the task is listed as Fixed Work, and the resource assignments are correct (although stuck in decimal rather than percentage formats).  The work column was correctly summed and costed in the pod file.

    Example 3:  If I try to import the same xml file into an existing MS Project 7 project, rather than opening it as a new project in MS Project 7, then I get a lot of link errors that are very difficult to sort out.

    All in all, I like OpenProj about as well as MS Project 7.  I like "Open".  However, MS compatibility is highly desired.  Is there any way to report errors like these to assist OpenProj development?

    • JESii

      JESii - 2008-12-31

      I have also experienced some incompatibility issues on import: some work, some don't.  Best way to report on issue is to get on Tracker ('More' on the menu to see the tracker option) and then submit a bug request. So far, I've gotten zero response from the admins, so I don't know (although I certainly hope) that this project is still 'live'. We really need an open source alternative to MS Project.

      Good luck and let me know if you get any response.



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