Missing functionality, a call for programmers

  • IDHW.biz Informatica

    Good morning,

    A customer of ours is looking to switch from the closed-source project planning package 'Asta Power Project' to an open-source solution. A big hurdle in this transition however, is the fact that we have not been able to find a software solution that would allow us to both:

    A): Exchange projects seamlessly with 'Asta Power project' and the open-source replacement, through XML for example.


    B): Display and edit recurring tasks in a similar fashion as in 'Asta Power Project'. This would mean being able to collapse one big task into smaller, recurring tasks and have them displayed on one line if we collapsed them, with spaces that would indicate breaks between the actual work. This picture here demonstrates this:

    If anyone would be willing to code these features into OpenProj for us, we would of course be willing to compensate him or her for the time and effort needed.

    Dean Vaessen
    IDHW Informatica

  • IDHW.biz Informatica

    Whoops, where is that edit button when you need it? Forgot to add the email adress, we can be contacted at:

    Appologies for breaking the layout with the pic, a preview button and edit button would have been able to fix that, but alas.

    Dean Vaessen
    IDHW Informatica

  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2012-08-29

    Yeah,  the first major update to OpenProj since we got acquired by Serena is coming out tomorrow.  ProjectLibre was a major rewrite and includes compatibility with MIcrosoft Project 2010, bug fixes, printing of reports, a ribbon UI and more.  You can download ProjectLibre also on Sourceforge. We also launched a community site at http://www.projectlibre.org   There are images and other information on the community site.  It would be good to get your feedback on ProjectLibre


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