Date Constraints suddenly appearing

  • Daniel Harriman

    Daniel Harriman - 2008-11-01

    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble moving my tasks around on my gantt chart.
    Initially there are no constraints set on the task, but if I change the start date, (suddenly) a "Start no earlier than" constraint will be applied!

    From then on, I can only move the task to be started at a later date. I cannot move it to an earlier date, its a like a one-way street!

    If I go into the advanced tab of the task info and try to delete the Constraint Date, the constraint will be removed... but will instantly re-appear if I try to change the start date of the task again!

    Effectively this means that I can't move my tasks around.
    Is this default behaviour?

    I have found, as a work-around, that I can move my tasks around by changing the Constraint Date in the Task Info dialogue... But this is a bit of a pain.

    Can anyone help?

    • JESii

      JESii - 2008-11-25

      I'm having a similar problem: I have a summary task with one subtask of one day's duration which occurs on 1/15/2009. As soon as I add another subtask, it immediately places that new task to start at 2/26/2009, which is completely crazy.  The task shows "As Soon As Possible", has no constraint date, and has no resources assigned so it's not trying to level anything.

      This is a complete show-stopper on this project -- if I can't get OpenProj to place tasks where I want them, it's not much use... hopefully, this is some kind of obscure pilot error that someone can help me get around.


      • JESii

        JESii - 2008-11-25

        Answering my own question...

        Somehow the summary task had gotten a "start no earlier than" date constraint, so everything I tried to add as a subtask took that as a starting point.

        In general, if you manually set a date, then a date constraint of some kind is added and then I have to go to the Advanced tab... as I recall, this is very much like MS Project.



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