Changing Project Calendar and Task Times

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-01-17

    I changed the project calendar by changing the field, Base Calendar, on Project->Project Information. 

    After changing the Calendar, I reviewed the task Start and Finish times. I thought they would change to reflect the change in the Calendar, but they did not.   The previous Calendar had week days ending at 9 pm.  And in the Gantt chart/spreadsheet, some of the project tasks' Finish Times were 8 and 9 pm.  The Standard Calendar has days ending at 5 pm.  Even after I changed to the Standard Calendar, there were tasks with times in the 8 and 9 pm time frame.  Shouldn't all task times have changed to reflect the Standard Calendar work times?

    I noticed there was a Base Calendar field in the Resources. I changed the Calendar there, but the results were the same.

    I deleted and re-added the task.  Same results.

    How can the task Finish Time be 8 pm if the Standard Calendar has an Ending Time of 5 pm?  How do I get the Project to use the Standard Calendar?

    This is a simple test project with 1 resource,  1 parent task, and 4 tasks all linked. Type is fixed Units.

    Thank you.

    • Paul d'Aubioul

      Paul d'Aubioul - 2009-01-21


      The task also has a calendar, try changing that.

      Paul .

  • Alberto Gomez

    Alberto Gomez - 2011-07-14

    I have the same problem.
    Is there a bug with calendar timing ??
    Anyone know ??

  • Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart - 2011-07-26

    Hi I have the same issue; I have multiiple teams that work 10 fopur standard days, but the present calander day is set to 0800 to 1700: If I change the default working day to 10 hours and allocate 2 tasks per day with a value of 5 hours per task, the hours worked are pusehed into the next day: I have also changed all vuisible fields from default but no difference.

    Sorry I did not help you but thought it may settle you to know that you are not alone with regard to this.

    Paul S


    ISMAEL BATALLER - 2011-08-10

    sorry for my English. I have the same problem.
    I've also noticed that I can't create a new calendar; better, I can create but Openproj doesn't save it. I would like to apply diferent calendar for several tasks in a project, but I think it is not possible.
    I know I'm not helping you, I only wanted to notice you that the "calendar problems" are recurrent in Openproj.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-09-09

    I am not sure I understood your problem correctly… Maybe the total hours are fixed and cannot be changed. You could alternatively allocate more resources. I am not sure how it will look!

    Another tip: You can right click and say insert column and choose the column 'Work', there you can also control the hours.

    Dont know how much it helps you guys!
    But anyways!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-23


    Double click on each added task, go to advanced, check the "Ignore resource calendar", as your canledar and the resource's calendar are in conflict.

    You are good to go :-)


    all what you have to do is to check the "Ignore resource time" box, as your calendar and the resource's are conflicting.

    I worked with me :-)



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