Suddenly Unable to open a POD file

  • John Currie

    John Currie - 2008-06-28

    I have 2 PCs with OpenProj installed, one Windows XP and the other Vista. Both had been updates to version 1.2 although to try and fix this problem I have taken one back to version 1.1.

    I have a file that I have been working on for several weeks and that has been opened and saved several times from both machines (always one at a time).

    Suddenly I find that neither PC can open the POD file. It makes no difference whether I open OpenProj and then try to open the file or simply double click the file the file refuses to open.

    The backup copy is also behaving the same although a very old version opens fine.

    Any suggestions as to what the problem might be or is there any way of checking the file for errors?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    John C

    • Aldous

      Aldous - 2008-06-30

      I suggest you check the size of the file against the working one. Odds are it may have been corrupted.

      • John Currie

        John Currie - 2008-06-30

        The working file is much older and smaller than the broken one. Looks like a corrupted file is the most likely problem.

        However I have managed to print the file contents out and should be able to retrieve all the task names etc and manually retype the missing ones into the old file.



    • Howard Katz

      Howard Katz - 2008-06-30

      If you attach the file or email it to, I might be able to repair it for you. Can't make any promises, but ya never know.

    • John Currie

      John Currie - 2008-06-30

      A brief update for those reading the thread. I took Howard up on his offer to look at the file but unfortunately it appears to be corrupted and he was unable to open it either.

      However it was good to get the offer of help and get a very quick response once I had sent the file. Thanks Howard.

      John C

  • sharath

    sharath - 2012-09-28

    I have the same problem too. Looks like my .pod file is corrupted and I do not have the backup either :-(.


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