Earned Value

  • Paul d'Aubioul

    Paul d'Aubioul - 2009-01-19


    I understand how Earned Value works (BCWS, ACWP BCWP) or in the new pmi abbrevs:  (PV, AC, EV)

    But understanding how that is implemented in openproj is another matter, even after multiple tests.

    Would any member here care to exchange information with me, the purpose being to write a course text on how to do earned value with openproj.


    • Paul d'Aubioul

      Paul d'Aubioul - 2009-01-21


      I now have the answer to my own question.:
      It is NOT possible to do earned value in the current version of openproj, without the system taking some decision you don't want.

      When entering actuals, these are ACTUALS, whatever they are, and openproj should not go about changing the duration, the amount of work etc... because of some hard-coded rule it has.

      So doing the 1 S-curve (BCWS or PV) is possible up to the budget phase if you know how to set the parameters , but tracking is unusable.

      (There is also no response to my emails)



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