FastTrack to OpenProj Help

  • paul

    paul - 2009-01-28

    I am a user of FastTrack 9.0 on a OS 10.5 Mac.  I am trying to convert my projects to OpenProj.  I can export xml and mpx files but OpenProj gives me an error saying it can only open files created by Microsoft Project or Planner.  Is there a way around this?

    • paul

      paul - 2009-01-29

      Is this really how support works for this program?  Is there an email we can use instead of a forum that nobody is monitoring?   

    • Paul d'Aubioul

      Paul d'Aubioul - 2009-01-31

      Yes, there is an email.
      I tried it, but there seems to be nobody at the other end.



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