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Tom Udale
  • Tom Udale

    Tom Udale - 2008-11-10


    I do not think I understand the difference between the start/finish and actual start/finish for a task.  In particular, I cannot figure out how to close out a late task.

    Task setup (mm/dd/yy):

    start 9/22/08 8:00 AM
    finish 10/7/08 5:00 PM
    duration 10 days (resource only works 4 days a week)

    The actual start was on 9/22, so I entered that.

    However the actual finish was on 11/4/08 (not a very good estimate :)

    But when I try to enter 11/4/08 as the actual end (I am doing this today, 11/10/08), it leaves the field blank, but changes the finish to 11/3/08, changes the duration to 25 days and changes the actual duration to 20 days. The % complete is now 80%. 

    I now cannot change the % complete to 100% nor can I set the actual completion date - the field always remains empty.

    All I want to do is close out the task and indicate the actual date of completion.

    I read elsewhere in this forum that when a task is finished the actual finish and the finish are the same.  And that you should use baselines to track differences between planned times and actual times.  But if that is the case, what is the reason for having both actual and non-actual starts/finishes??

    Best regards,

    Tom Udale

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-12

    Have the same problem. Cannot change 'percent complete' in a task. This occurs only form some tasks - yes - probably late tasks only. Anyway - I want to mark them as completed and I can't.
    What should I do to mark these tasks as completed?  What is the procedure?


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