Post silent-install removal of registration dialog. (PC)

  • keithjones

    keithjones - 2013-07-23


    I appreciate that this question might have been asked but I did do a few obvious searches and I couldn't see anything.

    I've been asked to install OpenProj on student pool room computers as a viable alternative to mainstream products. It's definately very easy to install the MSI silently but I can't find any registry keys or INI file settings to turn off the first-run registration dialog. As our students all have limited user access to machines and no roaming profile support is supplied centrally, it's not going to a glossy example of how cool OpenSource projects can be if they have to fill in a registration screen time and time again.

    Is there a tweak i can apply post install to eliminate that dialog?

    I also noticed the occaisional advert dialog (which is completely understandable to help finance the project) but ideally I'd like to suppress those too. I appreciate it might be a big ask but is it possible to suppress those too?


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  • keithjones

    keithjones - 2013-07-29

    ...oooh... tumbleweed drifting across my screen.. wind whistling in the background. I guess this community isn't quite as active as I hoped for :-}

    Never mind eh? Time to spend a few hours looking at the source code I guess...


  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2013-07-29

    ProjectLibre is the successor to OpenProj. Serena Software has a note on their site recommending you download ProjectLibre instead..... OpenProj has not been updated in many years and unfortunately corupts some project files.... your students will not be happy :-) It is fixed in ProjectLibre.

  • keithjones

    keithjones - 2013-07-29

    Hi Tahoeob,

    Thanks for that! I really appreciate the response. It probably explains the desert-like response here :-) I guess I'd better research a bit deeper next time! Thank you! Is that advertised anywhere here? If not, you're patience might be stretched by duffers like me not knowing where to go next :-)

    Thnaks for that, next stop OpenLibre! Woo hoo!


  • keithjones

    keithjones - 2013-07-30


    I meant ProjectLibre honest!



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