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XML File

  • Amadeu Cabre

    Amadeu Cabre - 2009-05-12

    Hello, i have a problem when Openproj load a XML File.

    I create a new project with 1 task of 200 hours (work fixed) and 2 resources. One with 100% and the other with 25%.

    The duration of task is 50 days where one resource works 12,5 days and the other works 40 days.

    If a save this project in pod format all is correct, but if i save this project in XML Format, when i load the project changes. in:

    The fist resource works 40 days with 8 houres per day and the other works 40 days with 2,5 hours per day.

    Is this a bug??

    • roleic

      roleic - 2009-08-24

      I had quite a similar problem. I built a schedule with allocated resources and saved it first in pod-format. Then I saved it in XML-format in order to read it with MSProject. However the allocated resources were confused after opening it in MSProject.

      Does anyone know how to prevent / circumvent this?


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