SPI in a Group of tasks

  • Ricardo A. Brandao

    I'm using SPI Column, but I don't get the Global SPI of project, or the SPI of a group os tasks.

    How can I get it?

    May I create a custom column that allow formulas?


    Ricardo Brandao

  • Julien Lamarche

    Julien Lamarche - 2013-02-28

    This project has migrated to projectlibre.  There are also a few forks on github.

    This feature is not implemented in projectlibre 1.5.3  .  I'll have to check out the beta releases and the git hub forks to see if there were any fixes.

    I am not on the official team for projectlibre .  I am however an open source software developper and I've looked into the ways projectlibre calculates earned values figures for my own PM internship.

    Here's what I found out so far:

    - The SPI  is calculated in EarnedValueCalculator.spi (line 165 in openproj_core/src/com/projity/pm/costing/EarnedValueCalculator.java).  However, for task groups (work packets) and the top level projects, the calls to EarnedValueValues.bcws and EarnedValueValues.bcwp returns 0.0 . 

    - I don't know yet why those return 0.0.  I /do/ know that the BCWP for work packets and the project is calculated in Field.getSummarizedValueForField() . 

    - I also know that Field.getValue is where the calls to calculate SPI and BCWP for work packets "fork".    Where as the if condition within that method on line 640 evalues to false for bcwp, it evaluates to true for spi. If that's to be expected or not I don't know yet.

    As I said I am not on the official team for projectlibre.  I've blogged a bit on bugs I've found on how projectlibre calculates earned value figures (http://www.julienlamarche.ca/?p=973) and have been uploading my bug fixes to my github repo on https://github.com/cyclingzealot/projectlibre-jlam .  I did fix the BCWP calculation bug, but I'm not sure I have the time to implement work packet SPI calculation on volunteer time.   I am available for part-time employment or consulting through http://credil.org



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