Help with gantt scheduling

  • Gian Maria Romanato


    I am testing OpenProj and I want to thank you for the product.

    Now here is my question: the website states that "OpenProj shares the most advanced scheduling engine in the industry with Project-ON-Demand.".
    However, I don't understand how to achieve automatic task scheduling: I created a sample project with few tasks, and assigned two tasks to the same resource to obtain 200% resource usage. In that case I would like OpenProj to reschedule the two tasks in the gantt and to shift one of them ahead in time (as if there was a FS dependency between them) so that the load of the resource becomes 100%.

    Can you help me ?


    • Howard Katz

      Howard Katz - 2007-10-22

      OpenProj does not do any resource leveling.  You'll have to open the histogram window to see overallocations and move the tasks yourself.

      • mike kunze

        mike kunze - 2008-05-27

        Thanks for your software.

        Since we are in the same trouble, it would be nice to have that feature. Are you considering implementing it?
        I think this would be very useful to others as well, since it is cumbersome to schedule the tasks manually if your gantt-timeline is quite long.

        • osfo

          osfo - 2008-08-04

          Third on the list of requesters - I do belive that this feature should treated with high priority - even if it understandably is not trivial to implement.

          • Tim Mensch

            Tim Mensch - 2008-08-08

            I have to second the motion. OpenProj is actually 100% useless to me without auto-leveling, so I'm looking into other options like Open Workbench.

            • Kerry Rosenhagen

              Ditto. Resource leveling is a must.

              • JESii

                JESii - 2008-12-25

                FYI, I don't see this happening. As far as I can tell, development on this project is dead: there's no source code available and the admins don't respond to any requests for help/information.

                If I could find the source code, I'd be very interested in picking this up and seeing if we can push it forward: it's very good in mimicking MS Project (both GUI & basic features) and I'd love to avoid giving MS any more of my $$.



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