Other users cannot open my files

  • Kathleen Morse

    Kathleen Morse - 2012-03-15

    Why can't other users of OpenProject open the files I create? 

  • ketch5

    ketch5 - 2012-03-27

    Same issue here. Other users cannot open .pod file, yet no error or warning, just nothing loads.

  • Leo

    Leo - 2012-03-29

    I have the same problem.  Did you find a way to fix it?  I have fully reloaded V1.4 of Open Proj and still cannot open files from my coworker…

  • Juergen Bruns

    Juergen Bruns - 2012-03-31

    If you are using the latest Java update 7.0.30 this may cause the problem. The new Java registers as Oracle and triggers this problem.
    Delete Java 7 and install Java 6. That should solve the problem.

  • marek.

    marek. - 2012-07-19

    Having Java 6 installed, modify the OpenProj1.4.0.ini file:

    Maximum Version=1.6
    JVM Type=favor_client
    Minimum Version=1.5

    Using Java 6 solved my problem and opened the .pod file

  • Seyed Mohammad Naghavi

    and what if I can't switch back to Java 6 for the sake that I use other apps which are demanding Java 7??

  • marek.

    marek. - 2012-08-27

    @mohamnag : You can have 2 (or more) JREs installed - for each application You run You can then define which JRE to use.

  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2012-08-29

    Yeah,  the first major update to OpenProj since we got acquired by Serena is coming out tomorrow.  ProjectLibre was a major rewrite and includes compatibility with MIcrosoft Project 2010, bug fixes, printing of reports, a ribbon UI and more.  You can download ProjectLibre also on Sourceforge. We also launched a community site at http://www.projectlibre.org   There are images and other information on the community site.  It would be good to get your feedback on ProjectLibre

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-06

    Same problem, with Windows 7 + Java 7, after creating and closing a file can't not open it.

    Solution: Remove OpenProj and Install the new ProjectLibre.

  • alan

    alan - 2016-08-05
    Post awaiting moderation.

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