Open Project Running Very Slow - Help

  • Chris Gregg

    Chris Gregg - 2012-10-09


    Please can you help me.

    I have just started using open project and it is running very slowly. Everytime I select a task or collapse a group or scroll through the gant my pc freezes for a good 10 seconds or more before resuming.

    I have a reasonably spec'd PC (intel i5 3.33GHz, 4GB Ram). I haven't had this issue for any other software - many of the programs I use are much more intensive. My colleagues have much lower spec PCs and have no issue.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Appreciation in advance.


  • zebrasoma

    zebrasoma - 2012-10-09

    Hi Chris,

    Try latest version from ProjectLibre ( ).  They've made many improvements. OpenProj isn't active anymore use. You should also use ProjectLibre forum.



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