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New version called ProjectLibre coming out

  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2012-06-22

    I am the founder of OpenProj and have gotten involved again with Laurent Chrettienneau who was my co-founder.  We are putting the first update in over 4 years together!  We are excited with the progress.  We are fixing many bugs and will be adding printing.  That has been a major missing component for many years.  OpenProj itself has not been updated in a few years.  We are in discussions but at this point the new release will be called ProjectLibre.  There will be more news coming!


  • Anonymous - 2012-07-09


    I'm really glad to hear this project is restarting up. I have been using for some time and almost perfect minus a few bugs and nice to have features. I see check ins for the fix to the Oracle Java problem. Is that something easily installed, it's a bit of a show stopper?


  • Angel

    Angel - 2012-07-21

    Hi Marc,

    This is a great notice for people like me, who love this app but miss some updates and bugfixes.
    Thank you very much for youor effort. I hope to see PorjectLibre in Ubuntu repositories in 2013!


  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2012-07-23

    We are very pleased to be updating and releasing as ProjectLibre.  We have  a passion for project management and offering an open source alternative to Microsoft Project :-)     Thank you for the nice replies….. 

  • Tahoeob

    Tahoeob - 2012-08-29

    Yeah,  the first major update to OpenProj since we got acquired by Serena is coming out tomorrow.  ProjectLibre was a major rewrite and includes compatibility with MIcrosoft Project 2010, bug fixes, printing of reports, a ribbon UI and more.  You can download ProjectLibre also on Sourceforge. We also launched a community site at   There are images and other information on the community site.  It would be good to get your feedback on ProjectLibre


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