Hours worked per resource vs duration

  • James Loggins

    James Loggins - 2013-08-21

    I'm trying to get duration, resources and hours spent to work for me.

    My resources are not dedicated to only one project at a time, so a task that may span 10 days may be worked by one resource 2 hours a day.

    The other 6 hours of the day are split up doing other things.

    I want the duration to show 10 days, the Start and Finish day to show a 10 day span, but I only want to assing 20 hours of work to it against that one resource.

    When I tell it 20 hours, it changes the duration to 4 days. It needs to remain at 10, since that is how long it will take to complete that at 2 hours per day.

    How can I do this?

    • James Loggins

      James Loggins - 2013-08-21

      I believe I found what I was looking for - fixed hours.

      • D  Brown

        D Brown - 2013-10-04

        Did you use % to fix?

      • vitalii_v

        vitalii_v - 2014-05-27

        Hi James,

        I have the same challenge as you - assign working time less that duration of the tasks. Please help me to find "fixed hours" mentioned by you.




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