Tahoeob - 2012-08-01

Update on ProjectLibre update of OpenProj: I am the founder of OpenProj and have gotten involved again with Laurent Chrettienneau who was my co-founder.  We are releasing ProjectLibre which is the first update in over 4 years together!  It will have bug fixes, updated Microsoft Project import/export, and printing support. We are releasing in August.

ProjectLibre will also be hosted on SourceForge. We are excited with the progress.  We are fixing many bugs and will be adding correct import/export with MIcrosoft Project along with printing.  Those have been major missing components for many years. We are in discussions and chatting with the Serena folks but at this point the new release will be called ProjectLibre.  There will be more news coming and if there are other features/bugs let the team at ProjectLibre know!