Newbie query - OpenProj for time management?

  • JKO

    JKO - 2010-02-13

    Before I invest too much time in OpenProj and discover it doesn't do what I hope for, I wonder if someone would mind telling me if this is the software I need.
    I'm looking for something that I can add tasks to, give them due dates and durations then have it shuffle a schedule to make it fit and so I know when I need to make a start on things and what things I need to work on and when. An intelligent scheduler and time management package, if you like.
    I've never used project management software before so I'm not sure it fits the bill.
    If it's not what I need, is there an alternative?
    Many thanks for reading and I hope it's not too dumb a question.

  • Martin Vlach

    Martin Vlach - 2010-02-13

    The answer to this question is of interest to me also; I believe the technical term is "resource leveling". In V1.0, this feature was only available in the paid SaaS version "Project On Demand" (as I recall from reading about this issue then). I just found a review:

    which states that resource leveling is available in OpenProj Beta 4, and so I assume by now in V1.4. I am out of time to investigate 1.4 now, but the existence of this feature may prompt me to upgrade (I have modified the open source for additional import and export options).

    Let us await a more authoritative answer from somebody who actually knows.

    As an endorsement, we found V1.0 quite workable in a team of about dozen developers and multiple subprojects, and have no plans to switch to another software


  • emma

    emma - 2012-12-11

    Hey, I think if this is your requirement to add tasks, make schedules etc for good project and time management, then definitely you should check for a good time management software - , such as the one provided by Replicon. We too arrived to this hassle free simple cloud based application after reviewing and analyzing a lot at our end.


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