• David Mitchell

    David Mitchell - 2007-08-08

    See the open-source claim, but only binary downloads and no license specified?

    • Howard Katz

      Howard Katz - 2007-08-08

      The license is CPAL - It's a newly approved OSI license and sourceforge hasn't updated their license list yet to include it.  The source will hopefully being going online later today.

      • Slobodan Kašterović

        ... and seven days later still no sources ?

        • Howard Katz

          Howard Katz - 2007-08-16

          The source is now online. Sorry for the delay.

    • StackTracer

      StackTracer - 2007-08-14

      Great project! ... and interesting license: CPAL - it's my first contact with this license and i'm not sure what to think about it ....

      When do you plan to release the Source Code?

    • Jack Tanner

      Jack Tanner - 2007-08-15

      Please post the source code.

      From just looking at a screenshot, openproj seems awfully similar to planner from . How does your software improve on planner? Does it share any code with planner?


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