Start Start and Finish Finish

  • Donncha

    Donncha - 2008-03-02

    Congrats on putting together OpenProj.  It looks great.

    One issue:  OpenProj doesn't allow a start-to-start and a finish-to-finish link between two activities.  This is, in my view, a serious flaw since there are many many instances where both dependencies are needed.  Indeed, the norm is that if there's a start-to-start dependency then there's routinely also a finish-finish dependency between the two activities.

    Fixing this shouldn't be a big job, but it would significantly improve the software in my view.

    • Guillermo

      Guillermo - 2008-03-10

      You can select the activity, then use double click mouse button left and in tab precedences choice the type (FF, FS, SF, SS)

  • str8_70s

    str8_70s - 2013-03-30

    Agreed.  I had this issue in the forst 5 minutes of use.  I'll give an example:

    I want to pour a slab foundation/floor, but within this concrete pour, I need to place plumbing installations.  Therefore, I need to start the concrete pour before the plumbing starts to go in, and I need to finish the plumbing before the concrete finishes.  This looks like:

    1. Pour slab
    2. Install plumbing

    For example, the dependencies would look like this:
    Task 2. Start-start, task 1, 1 day
    Task 1. Finish-finish, task 2, 1 day

    I don't believe this has been resolved.  Tere's fairly simple coding for this, I'm sure.  As long as the durations and lags balance out or leave room for extra time, it's no problem.  Every professional software program allows this type of reciprocal dependency.

    Please advise.  Thanks.


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