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  • Corey Furman

    Corey Furman - 2007-08-14

    I'm glad I stumbled on OpenProj.  It meets my needs.  Here are a few comments:

    1.  When re-opening a project, there are blank lines randomly inserted throught the tasks.  Deleting them and saving has no effect.

    2.  Columns added to the Gantt chart view are not remembered.

    3.  How can I email resource people when the project or tasks are updated?

    4.  Documentation screens are out of date.

    5.  I would preferthat the documentation was locally installed, for those times I'm stuck in a hotel room.

    5.  Export to PDF would be a helpful feature, for those of us with pointy-haired bosses we dare not give something editable.

    6.  If you never change another thing or add new features, I will still use it.  Thank you!

    • Corey Furman

      Corey Furman - 2007-08-15

      7. Remember last window position.

      8. Remember last project, and open it when the app is started.

      9. Associate *.pod files with the application, so that projects can be opened by activating the files or passed as a parameter to the app.

      10. Remember sorting preferences in views that support it.

      • Howard Katz

        Howard Katz - 2007-08-15

        These are all good suggestions.  May I ask that you enter them in the Feature Requests section of the Tracker? This will enable us to organize better what gets worked on.

    • ding

      ding - 2007-08-15

      I second the request for documentation.  I can not seem to access the online docs.  are they available for download somewhere?


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