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#212 POD file not opening after saving it!!!!


After Saving my Project in a POD file I can't open it again. Sorry that I can not attach this File, but it is a real project.
I'm using Version 1.4.


  • Angel

    Angel - 2012-07-13

    I have the same problem with Sererna 1.4 in Windows XP and Java 1.7 32 bits.

    I saved the .pod file without errors but I can't reopen it and Serena Openproj doesn't show any popup or dialog with errors.

  • marek.

    marek. - 2012-07-19

    Having Java 6 installed, modify the OpenProj1.4.0.ini file:

    [Java Runtime Environment]
    Maximum Version=1.6
    JVM Type=favor_client
    Minimum Version=1.5

    Using Java 6 solved my problem and opened the .pod file

    • Malin

      Malin - 2014-10-26

      Hi, may I know how do I modify things as you've taught here? Really sorry, kinda noob in computer/IT stuffs and its my first time using openproj!

  • Babaille

    Babaille - 2012-09-24

    Thanks to marekpastorek, with the modification in OpenProj1.4.0.ini I succeed to re-open my project.

    It seems there is a bug with the new release java 1.7.

    • Malin

      Malin - 2014-10-26

      Hi, may I know how do I modify things as youve done?? I wonder if the problem was the java version, why i still have the same problem now in 2014(java should have updated its version alrd i guess)

      Last edit: Malin 2014-10-26

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