#124 (part of) task locks if with a note


If a task has a note, it's
1) displayed with a square dot on "day 1"

2) Day 1 locks, so if you move (both by dragging and moving due to dependencies) day 1 is always on the same date. The rest of the task moves to the new period.

3) If the day-1-part of the task is resized by dragging, the day-1 task stays and remain 1 day in length. The other part of the task is expanded according to the move of day 1...

4) Dependencies on the newly splitted task are incorrect, since they are calculated from start date + duration, and start-date is the original day1...

(sounds cryptic when explaining in plain text, but try it... See attached image. That might explain a little)


  • Ras

    Ras - 2008-11-03

    Task: "Hardware p" is split up incorrectly

  • Ras

    Ras - 2008-11-03
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Ras

    Ras - 2008-11-03

    Same problem occurs in the following scenario:
    Task 1
    Task 2 [SS(Task 1)+2 days]

    Task 1 is now split in two parts, and cannot be combined to one again no matter what I do...
    If I don't change task 1 there is no problem, since the two splits are in conjunction. If I change Task 1, I get the same mess up, as I do in case 2), 3) and 4) above.

  • Howard Katz

    Howard Katz - 2008-11-13

    This isn't a bug. You have a dependency which is pushing out the remaining work on its successor task.
    It has nothing to do with notes.

  • Howard Katz

    Howard Katz - 2008-11-13
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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