zhao sai - 2012-12-02


I am porting powerlink to arm9. And now that can't work. So,I add sentence "printk" in function EplTimerHighReskModifyTimerNs of file TimerHighResk***.c. And the com terminal output like below:

AppCbEvent(0x21D) originating event = 0x27
enter EplTimerHighReskModifyTimerNs function
print parameter ullTimerNs_p = 2

the parameter ullTimerNs_p (second parameter of function EplTimerHighReskModifyTimerNs ),what is the problem?
And then,I find the function EplTimerHighReskModifyTimerNs is called in EplDllk.c and EdrvCyclic.c. I change the second parameter of all functions EplTimerHighReskModifyTimerNs in the two files(I set a const value to the parameter,and every place uses a different value). But I find the com terminal out put isn't change. And I can't understand this .

I need some helps.
Thanks in advance.