What else I need to install on Win2K?

some one
  • some one

    some one - 2004-01-28

    I downloaded and uppacked winnt1553.zip.

    it doesn't seem to be a complete poplog system?  what else do I need to download and setup in order to run on Win2K?


    D:\project\poplib.win32>pop11 popc -e junk junk.p

    ;;; INVOLVING:  'popc.p'
    ;;; DOING    :

    • Jeffrey T Best

      Jeffrey T Best - 2004-01-28

      Perhaps the release notes are insufficiently clear. This package is just the binaries to go in the %usepop%\pop\pop directory. It has been posted to allow the build process to be verified. (It would be better, perhaps, if I could set the visibility of this release to, say "Developers Only", as an alternative to "Active" or "Hidden"). I have amended the release notes to make this clearer.

      If you want a full release of v15.53 for Windows, then you can fetch the FreePoplog version via the versions summary at http://openpoplog.sourceforge.net/versions.html. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/poplog/freepoplog.html. Here you will find the same downloads and a better description of their role and contents.

      I am currently refining the packaging script. If I can find the time to spend on it this week, then by the end of the weekend I should be able to post a full release of OpenPoplog for Windows v15.53.

      Thereafter, effort will be focussing on integrating the Linux sources into the CVS and preparing a Linux version of the release.

      Simultaneously, other developers are looking at extending and improving OpenPoplog itself.


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