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PNL on MacOsX 10.

  • RobMar

    RobMar - 2007-08-04

    Is it possible to install PNL in MacOsX 10.4.10 (centrino core duo)??

    • BrettC

      BrettC - 2007-08-18

      Not quite what you're asking, but on my Mac I use PNL on a VMWare-hosted Ubuntu VM, and it runs well (in fact, Ubuntu 7.04 enables paravirtualization, so it runs at bare-metal speeds).

    • Jason Briceno

      Jason Briceno - 2008-02-26

      It may be a bit late, but I was able to get the 1.0 release running on 10.4.11.

      I had the following issues, which were resolved:

      - Configure.gcc requires execution permissions

      - requires execution permissions

      - Malloc.h not in expected location
         - ln /usr/include/malloc/malloc.h /usr/include/malloc.h

      - Missing library dependencies in makefile

      - make check didn't work perfectly, although a lot of the tests worked fine.

      As a quick test, I was also able to compile and run:

      • Jason Briceno

        Jason Briceno - 2008-02-26

        I just tested the current CVS version, and it compiles with the same fixes. It also passes make check with flying colors.


        • Jason Briceno

          Jason Briceno - 2008-03-10

          But, while compiling some test code, there appears to be something wrong with the new cxcore library. When trying to link to the static library, I get this error:

          Invoking: MacOS X C++ Linker
          g++ -L/usr/local/pnl_current/lib -o "TEST"  ./Cognitive/Test/Source/pnltest.o ./Cognitive/Test/Source/smiletest.o   -lcxcore -lhigh -lsmile -lsmilearn -lpnl
          /usr/libexec/gcc/i686-apple-darwin8/4.0.1/ld: Undefined symbols:
          collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
          make: *** [TEST] Error 1

          but, when I nm -g /usr/local/pnl_current/lib/libcxcore.a, all of those "Undefined symbols" appear to be exported. So, I'm not sure what the problem is...

          • Jason Briceno

            Jason Briceno - 2008-03-11

            OK, it works again. It had to do with link order (stupid one-pass linker).

            g++ ... -lcxcore -lhigh -lsmile -lsmilearn -lpnl
            does not work

            g++ ... -lhigh -lsmile -lsmilearn -lpnl -lcxcore
            does work

            Two days gone.


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