OpenPalm Porting

Jerry Yan
  • Jerry Yan

    Jerry Yan - 2000-10-28

    Is there any documents about how to port OpenPalm to other OS or CPU architecture , such as Linux ,PowerPC ,68K.

    • Henri Chen

      Henri Chen - 2000-10-30

      Hi, Jerry,

      There is no such documents yet. However, I can give you some hints. If you have downloaded the source tarball, check the directories which contains "ce" or "tvm" as part of their directory name. That is where the OS is ported.(We deem tvm as a pseudo OS). Almost all codes are written in C++, you need a C++ compiler for that platform, of course.

      As long as to the CPU architecture, find minimum assembly code or inline assembly code in the files. Assembly codes is written to support the Palm's lightweight exception handling and to support our ligtweight multi-thread architecture. If you don't need these things, it is possible to get rid of them.

      Henri Chen
      Oct. 30, 2000

    • Henri Chen

      Henri Chen - 2000-12-19

      Hi! Jerry,

      Recently, there are some discussion regarding porting OpenPalm to RTEMS that you might be interested.


      Henri Chen


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