i've also faced the problem with the hanging _non_existent calls.
Setting the roundtrip timeout does not help, because this does'nt prevent the method from hanging.
I've solved the problem using a oridinary idl method (called ping) instead of _non_existent.
Using such a method the roundtrip timeout works fine.
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One thing you could check, is to see what the
blocking is waiting on. To do this, do a:

kill -QUIT <pid>

on the process when the call has hung
under any flavour of Unix/Linux. That will
send a stack backtrace of all threads to
the console. You can then check to see
where it is hanging.

Another option is to run the app in the debugger
and interrupt it when it has hung. That way, you
can inspect values, etc.

Another option would be to set the call's round trip timeout.
See the messaging examples in the OpenORB samples
code on how to do this. That way, it should at least return
rather than hang indefinitely.


At 07:23 PM 12/08/05 +0530, you wrote:

We have a openORB client that connects to Remoting.CORBA server. We have found that on a _non_existent() call to the server the call hangs. If this a known issue? What is the fix for the same.


Next we also tested this with JDK Orb and this works fine.






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