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Chinese Postman Problem & Model-Based Testing has just released its software test automation tool that models the web applications with a Finite State Machine model from which the full coverage (100%) test cases are then generated using many well-known algorithms in Network Optimization. Obviouslly Chinese Postman Problem is one of the algorithms used.

Web pages these days are highly interactive and GUI rich. It certainly has matured enough to compare to its couterpart - client/sever applications. In some organizations, web applications have dominated over the traditional client / server applications. Of course for internet applications, web application is the only way to deliver the application to millions of internet users.... read more

Posted by Yaxiong Lin 2009-03-10

Some helpful info / sample code

I've added some helpful instructions and sample java code to demonstrate how to run this package as a standalone application or integrate this package with your application at

Posted by Yaxiong Lin 2008-05-27

openOptima alpha released!

The first alpha version of openOptima was released today. You can find the shortest path or the postman path in two ways, running it as a standalone app or integrate it with your java app. See release notes in the download zip package for more details.

Posted by Yaxiong Lin 2008-05-07