Nice project, is it still alive?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-12-03

    I just want to let you know that I think this project is very nice. We where having DCOM difficulties and the gateway showed how easy it could be. Because of time presure we had to use a commericial tunnel product so we didn't have to change our product that communicates with OPC server, but for the next project we will consider using the openOpc gateway and python library.

    Is this project still being maintained?

    Best regards

  • Barry Barnreiter

    Yes, the OpenOPC project is still alive and being maintained.   We will have a new release soon which fixes several problems and has been more throughly tested with Python 2.6.

  • SpinelliCreations

    I'm running OpenOPC Gateway Service under 32 bit Windows with Python 2.6 binary distribution, and OpenOPC library built into software under Linux (through the latest 2.6.30 / 2.6.18-194 RHEL backport kernels) 64 bit with Python 2.6

    I've tested and run under both Win32 Python 2.5 / 2.6  and Linux 32 and 64 under Python 2.5 and 2.6

    I don't know when Barry's next build will be out, but 1.1.6 resolved pretty much all the quirks that there were. I've had no issues in longer than I can remember.  If anything, all that'd be nice is a 'maintenance release' that checks for compatability with newer Pythons and maybe Windows 7 or Server 2008

  • Markus Clarkus

    Markus Clarkus - 2010-12-24

    Excellent project. Am using it in a production environment. Do have trouble with an ABB OPC server, but will open a dedicated thread.

  • Scott Kirkpatrick

    Is there any way to get the Python library to install under 2.7?

    Also, I have an existing program written in C++ that acts as a gateway to several different devices using our internal protocol.  Is there a specification for communicating with the Gateway Service so that I can add it to my already existing C++ program?

  • bouced

    bouced - 2011-02-08

    Hi all
    thanks to developers for this very nice project,
    However would it be possible to get a binary installer for python 2.7 of the current release ?
    Concerning the next release : for which python interpreter version(s) an installer will be available ?

  • SpinelliCreations

    Python is very easy to build from source - ./configure - make - make install - nothing to it.

    However, if you absolutely cannot live without a binary installer…
    - win 32 bit python 2.7
    - win 64 bit python 2.7

    As far as OpenOPC itself, it runs as a command directly - does not need to be installed.  Only the gateway service gets installed, and that is done by typing…
    - C:\OpenOPC\bin> OpenOPCService.exe -install

  • bouced

    bouced - 2011-02-28

    Python is very easy to build from source - ./configure - make - make install - nothing to it.

    I wasn't talking of a binary installer for python 2.7 but about a binary installer of openOPC compatible with python 2.7 (the current version only accepts py2.5)

  • SpinelliCreations

    I'm running OpenOPC (the Gateway service installed and running via the 'net service OpenOPCzzz install' with Python 2.6 in the background.  You don't actually need Python installed in order to install the service though, or even to run the binary executable. 

    I'm kind of confused what you're asking about ?

  • SpinelliCreations

    woops - meant "OpenOPCzzz -install", then use 'net service OpenOPCzzz start / stop' as needed (or from Administrative Tools).

  • bouced

    bouced - 2011-03-01

    Well my point is that I want to develop some scripts under python 2.7 and to import OpenOPC so that I can handle OPC data in my script.
    If I install python 2.7 then OpenOPC, the installer says that it only supports 2.5, so I have to do a manual installation of the thing.

  • SpinelliCreations

    if you're importing OpenOPC as in…

    import os
    import time
    import OpenOPC
    your custom code goes here...

    … then you shouldn't have a problem - I've run the 1.1.6 version under python 2.7 in this manner (in linux albeit not windows).

    what installer are you actually talking about?  the "openopcgatewayservice.exe -install" one ?  If so, I believe that's actually its own ball of wax because you don't need python (any version at all) installed in order to install that service or to run the openopc.exe executable.

  • bouced

    bouced - 2011-03-02

    I do import OpenOPC like you said.
    The installer I am talking about is : OpenOPC-1.1.6.win32.exe.
    This installer puts OpenOPC scripts in python's site-packages directory only if python interpreter version is 2.5.

  • SpinelliCreations


    ya - forget about that installer - you don't need it.

    use this download link for the win32 zipped version, then extract it to c:\openopc

    you can literally cut-and-paste the file from the src directory into your python installation directory.

  •  Kato

    Kato - 2013-11-13

    Forgive me for resurrecting this 2 year old thread. I think the initiative behind OpenOPC is great. But I am wondering... is it still being actively developed or supported?

  • SpinelliCreations

    yes and no - it is still alive, but it has gotten to a point where there really isn't anything major wrong with it - it does what it is supposed to do, so there has been no need to work on it.

  •  Kato

    Kato - 2013-11-13

    Thanks for the reply SpinelliCreatio. The reason I asked is because there are a few issues/bugs that haven't been addressed for quite some time. There's also a post about an upcoming 1.2.1 version ( but that was last year.

    I really love this project. And though, like you said, there isn't anything majorly wrong with it, I'm sure it can infinitely be improved.


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