1. remove glib dependcy:
I have been working with the code with the idea of getting
OBEX into an embedded system. This embedded system actually
runs linux, but glib is too big for consideration. Now I am evaluating
the performance and interoperability of the Openobex.
I looked at the code with the intention of removing glib
dependancy and found it uses:

g_memmove(msg->data+len, msg->data, msg->len);
g_return_val_if_fail(self != NULL, NULL);
g_message("Nice abort not implemented yet!!\n");
g_print(G_GNUC_FUNCTION "(), put over, trying to realloc ...!\n");
g_new0(ircp_client_t, 1);
g_snprintf(lastmod, 21, "%04d",tm->tm_year+1900);
g_string_append(diskname, "/");
g_string_free(diskname, TRUE);
g_slist_remove(*q, h);
g_slist_append(object->tx_headerq, element);
g_slist_remove(object->tx_headerq, h);

I think removing glib dependey should be not very difficult.
Maybe I will do it for our project. But I still want to know:
- Is there any interest among the developers in an option to remove glib dependency?
- Are there any preferred methods to remove glib dependency?
If u have done it, pls mail the code to me.

2. obex framework for SyncML:

Openobex just implements a generic OBEX Session Protocol. It does
not implement the OBEX Application FrameWork. Openobex-app have implemented
simple server/client application.
But the spec, SyncML over OBEX, suggests OBEX include both a sesson level protocal
and an application framework.

I want to use Openobex in our products but there are some technical problems, such as glib, framework, etc.