Hi, Christian
as I see parts of my previous mail on that list, so I write direcly on it it's easier though :-)
So with some googling there is some documentation. As I don't know if it is legal to post a links to a docs that are maybe not freely distributed the question is "May I post such links on that list?". I ignore all that stuff about licences, int. property etc, so lemme know pls.

Otherwise the problem encountered with the z200 persists. There is a connection on the IrLAP level, next right there is successfull a connection on the IrLMP level too. Afterwards there is some IAP negotiation. everything seems ok. Then comes the Obex connection. The reply seems ok too. There it is
04 b6 60 03       01 a0 00 07 10 00 1f f4
(seems that the a0 after the above layers stuff means OK)
Next is a listing command using obexftp (0.10.6).
The answer is 04 d8 60 03        01 c3 00 03. And  if my understanding is ok  c3 means "Command recognised but forbiden".
Get and Put commands are ok if the path is exact. List command with a path specified returns an error (same as above)
Here is a part of the debug messages from obexftp

obexftp_sync() OBEX_HandleInput = 7
obexftp_sync() Done success=1
Receiving My Pictures... obexftp_list() Listing My Pictures -> (null)
cli_obex_event() OBEX_EV_REQDONE: obex_rsp=43
obexftp_sync() OBEX_HandleInput = 3
obexftp_sync() Done success=0
failed: My Pictures
debug of obexftp

Create directory same thing.

Well I suppose all that is a pretty Z200 specific thing. With a t610 and I can get, put, list. Mkdir answers me c1 (unauthorized). Cannot extract info with none of them
The t610 acts however a bit different - after an OBEX connect comming from my pc to the gsm, there is a OBEX connect in the other way. All that seems pretty messy, dunno. Today I tried with a nokia 6110 and all the tests where OK (get,put, mkdir, setpath).
Well, that's all for now. This is mostly an impression of my tests. There are some questions however.
Is it a vendor specific (model specific). Where is that programmed on the telephone and is there a way to pass by that prohibitions. Is there a list with OBEX friendly gsms (SE is definitely not). Well writing all that I forgot the other questions...
Good luck