Hello all,
  I am newbie to the openobex programming. and currently studying project "ussp-push-0.9". [http://www.xmailserver.org/ussp-push.html].
        My objective is to write code where i can detect all nearby bluetooth devices. Detect that on which channel OBEX is running and push my file on that OBEX channel.
With reference to above project i need help regarding undestanding of logic flow and description of following API's. and structure.

1)obex_t *OBEX_Init(int transport, obex_event_t eventcb, unsigned int flags)
  while initialising OBEX, what is meant by first argument "transport"?
i see some flags defined as follows  for same:--

                  %OBEX_TRANS_IRDA : Use regular IrDA socket (need an IrDA stack)
                  %OBEX_TRANS_INET : Use regular TCP/IP socket
                  %OBEX_TRANS_CUSTOM : Use user provided transport
                  %OBEX_TRANS_BLUETOOTH: Use regular Bluetooth RFCOMM socket (need the BlueZ stack)
                  %OBEX_TRANS_USB: Use USB transport (libusb needed)
What does this mean? i am doing for Bluetooth. if i use OBEX_TRANS_BLUETOOTH, what it will mean?
In above code they have not used Bluez stack. I wanna use it. how can i do it?

2)What is OBEX_RegisterCTransport() is all about? What does this API do?
  What is obex_ctrans_t structure? What r these function pointers? when these functions r called? and who calls them?

  typedef struct {
          int (*connect)(obex_t *handle, void * customdata);
          int (*disconnect)(obex_t *handle, void * customdata);
          int (*listen)(obex_t *handle, void * customdata);
          int (*write)(obex_t *handle, void * customdata, uint8_t *buf, int bu   
          int  (*handleinput)(obex_t *handle, void * customdata, int timeout);
          void * customdata;
      } obex_ctrans_t;
3)What is OBEX_SetCustomData() and OBEX_GetCustomData() API's?
    what kind of data we r supposed to set and get and where they r used?

  I will greatly appreciate any help or any documentation(dont suggest source code or API reference doc which i already have) for same..
  Thanks in advance .