andrea c. - 2006-01-27

Hi to all,
i ve developing some applications that use BlueZ + openobex to push some contents to cell phones.

I ve 2 questions:

1) When i push i file to a cell, obviously the phone ask me if i accept the file or not. If i push OK all goes fine and the trasfer is done correctly. But if i choose to refuse, a second attempt is done by my client, and the question is shown again. But now, it i answer  YES, the operation is aborted and the "OBEX_Request" function return with an error. If i push a file form WinXP, the transfer is done correctly if i accept at the second request. I ve tried both with ussp-push utility and with a custom program. Same result. Someone has some advises.

2) Can someone tell me how to tweak the library so that the same "OBEX_Request" has a shorter timeout to return with an error if the target doesn't respond to the requst ? Now, if i don't respond on my cell, it takes about 1 min on the server side to get an error: it's too much for my application!

thanks a lot