windows, sony ericsson, usb + com

  • anatoly techtonik

    Sony Ericsson phones on Windows are connected with DCU-60 cables. obexftp is unable to use USB connection directly.

    >obexftp.exe --usb
    Found 0 USB OBEX interfaces

    Gammu connects via configured COM port and is also able to detect the phone via "gammu.exe identify" command. Seems like it obexftp should be able to use COM ports as well, but where to setup it?

    • Christian W. Zuckschwerdt

      Sony Ericsson phones don't provide a compatible USB-only link. Sony Ericsson via TTYs (COM ports) is well supported.
      I don't know the exact semantics on win32, perhaps something like: obexftp -t COM1 -l

  • tobi78

    tobi78 - 2010-11-07


    I recently downloaded OpenOBEX for Win32 and tried to connect my Sony Ericsson phones (K750i and W200i) via COM port with:

    obexftp.exe -t com8 -l

    but OBEXFTP answers always "Connecting…failed: send UUID    error on connect(): Bad file descriptor".
    When connecting one of the phones to the PC 2 virtual COM ports appears in device manager, "Sony Ericsson 750 USB WMC Device Management (COM8)" and  "Sony Ericsson 750 USB WMC OBEX Interface (COM7)". I tried both of them.
    Now i traced the communication with serial port monitor and at least on COM8 i see several AT commands from OBEXFTP and the answers from the phone. The last command ist "AT*EOBEX" and the phone answers "CONNECT", then the port is closed by obexftp.

    Any ideas?

    BTW: other tools like GAMMU or CleverCell Phone Manager works well on COM7 in OBEX Mode.

  • tobi78

    tobi78 - 2010-11-07

    tried on 2 Windosw XP machines one with service pack 2 and one with service pack 3.

    Open OBEX versions used:
    - openobex trunk (svn r349) including win32 patchset from Hendrik
    - obexftp 0.22-rc (svn r203) + csharp patch
    (according to readme.txt)

  • tobi78

    tobi78 - 2010-11-07


    other tools like GAMMU or CleverCell Phone Manager works well on COM8 (not COM7) in OBEX Mode.


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